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The company's primary policy is to offer only top quality drones. Therefore, from the very beginning of our existence, we design and manufacture platforms that meet the highest requirements set by our Clients.

Competence of qualified engineers - designers, constructors, avionics, electronics and programmers, acquired in Poland and abroad, guarantee the highest quality and high level of innovation offered by our platforms. Our drones are used and won recognition in:

  • military applications
  • geodesy,
  • precise agriculture,
  • monitoring, inspection, observation and surveillance
  • forestry
  • environmental protection
  • and many other areas where the use of drones is possible

EO / IR observation heads

All equipment carried by ourUAVs is mounted to the platform via an electromechanical quick-release coupling, its design and material ensure very short assembly time as well as safety of equipment during the flight.

UAV Steering and Control Units

The kit also includes the Light Command and Control Station based on the MIL-STD-810G, IP65 and MIL-STD-461F-compliant rugged Getac F110. The tablet combines tremendous performance with the Intel® Core ™ 6 Processor, a large 11.6 "screen and lightweight design. 273/5000

The control station was designed by active UAV operators for professionals. Equipped with ergonomic joysticks, switches and buttons, it provides the ability to operate unmanned Aircraft for long periods of time, without causing operator fatigue.

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