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D C - 0 1 M u c h a

DC-01 Mucha is an multi-rotor UAV. It is designed to carry optoelectronic, measuring or combat equipment. Its long flight time (up to 50 minutes), high lifting capacity (16 kg of usable weight)  and maximum cruising speed of 20 m / s makes the DC-01 Mucha a versatile construction that will cope the modern battlefield.

Mucha DC-01 belongs to the class represented relatively frequently bezzałgowców vertical take-off and landing. The development of this aviation sector in the world results from both potential military orders and a rapidly growing civilian application catalog.


Self-supporting hull, made entirely of carbon fiber. Completely airtight allows operation under high humidity conditions (rain, snow). Extremely high stiffness of the structure and low weight were achieved by computational methods of laying the layers of carbon fabrics. Shoulders made in a the same technology also  completely airtight. Equipped with high power and efficiency, low-speed direct current brushless motors (BLDC) and  28-inch propeller. The arms are mounted to the hull via electrical, electronic quick connectors. In each of the arms under the engine located  lighting, which can be switched on and off remotely. An important solution in the DC-01 Mucha, which distinguishes this design from competitors, is the landing gear. There are 4 servos (one on the shoulder), which are responsible for folding and spreading the chassis (legs). Right after the start, the legs are covered in the arms, which significantly reduce the aerodynamic drag on the fly.

Onboard equipment:

Flight Controller - autopilot. Polish-made flight controller designed to safely and effectively perform automatic and manual missions. The flight controller and all its critical components can be redundant, allowing one to safely continue the mission after failing.

Mission computer - superior control, responsible, among others. for the flight in the swarm, as well as the data processing acquired during the mission in real time.

The flight controller and mission computer are integrated on a motherboard that is easily removable. In case of introducing new functionality and on-board equipment it will be sufficient to replace the motherboard with a new one.

Power supply:

The DC-01 Mucha is powered by a special lithium-polymer power package. High Voltage Packages managed by BMS (Battery Management System) efficiently and reliably power the entire platform. The BMS monitors the functioning of the packages during flight. The low deviation of the operating parameters of the battery cells is captured and reported to the Control and Monitoring Station. An electronic system that is installed in each power package archivates the operating parameters, ie charging and discharging power, voltages on each cell, internal resistance, operating time, etc. The operator is fully informed of the state of the power package. The power package parameters are displayed on the Control and Monitoring Station screen just after package is approach to the station housing. This makes it much easier to perform pre-start procedures in field conditions.

Observation head:

The DC-01 Mucha is equipped with a gyroscopic optoelectronic head with three axes stabilization. The stabilization system provides a perfectly smooth image from both the daylight and the thermal camera. Daylight camera provides 30x optical zoom and software image stabilization. The thermal  camera enables night observation at 640x512 pixels quality.  Optionally, this camera can in real time measure the temperature of the observed object. The observation head can also allow  to track a moving object or specific place on the map, as indicated by the operator.

Communication system:

The DC-01 Mucha is equipped with a Polish data transmission system. It is a world-class solution developed by Polish engineers and IT professionals. This solution is based on the world's most modern digital technology components, based on international standards in information technology and state-of-the-art radio technology.

The system performs two-way encrypted radio data transmission on the line: DC-01 Mucha - Command and Control Station. It works in the 2.4-5.8 GHz and provides the antenna with a range of control, vision and telemetry signals at a distance of 35 km (20 miles).

The data transmission system is encrypted. There are combinations of algorithms based on: ECDH / ECDSA - based on elliptic curves DH / DSS for encoding, transmission page authentication and layer integrity verification. The AES256 bit in GCM mode is used for data transfer. Algorithms to control integrity and authenticity use SHA2.

Light Command and Control Station

The kit also includes the Light Command and Control Station based on the MIL-STD-810G, IP65 and MIL-STD-461F-compliant rugged Getac F110. The tablet combines tremendous performance with the Intel® Core ™ 6 Processor, a large 11.6 "screen and lightweight design. 273/5000

The control station was designed by active UAV operators for professionals. Equipped with ergonomic joysticks, switches and buttons, it provides the ability to operate unmanned Aircraft for long periods of time, without causing operator fatigue.


To ensure continuity of data transmission, the system is equipped with a panel antenna tracker. The tracker positions the antennas so that the signal strength is throughout the duration of the mission at the highest level.

All equipment carried by the DC-01 Mucha  is assembled to the platform via an electro-mechanical quick coupler. Its construction and material ensures an extremely short assembly time and safety during the flight.

The DC-01 Mucha kit includes also a Peli transport case, which is also a stand-alone servicing table. This approach to transporting and storing the platform greatly reduces the time it takes to assemble and prepare for flight. The case is hermetic, equipped with a decompression valve, which makes it possible to transport DC-01 Mucha by air.

Capabilities DC-01 Mucha

The basic functionality of the DC-01 Mucha is manual and automatic flights. Software that is part of the Lightweight Mobile Control and Monitoring Station allows you to program your flight route and display any telemetry parameters from the DC-01 Mucha. It also supports and retrieves data from equipment carried by the platform (observation heads, sensors etc).

For the DC-01 Mucha project, a system of Mobile Signal Transmitters Systems has been developed. This system enables the transmission of signals by relays mounted on the intermediary platforms. If the amplitude of any of the signals is reduced to 60%, the special UAV with transmitter will automatically start to create a transmission bridge. The system is scalable and allows to use up to 500 UAV-transmitters . The nature of the flight in swarms is user defined. One of the potential

Redundant (backup) signals can be transmitted over LTE networks (only in areas within LTE coverage).

The DC-01 Mucha can be docked at a dedicated station that is both: (i) an automatic takeoff and landing platform and (ii) automatic charging station. Landing on the platform is accurate to 2 cm. Platform positioning is based on image analysis systems supported by RTK (Real Time Kinematic). The docking station secures the DC-01 Mucha against weather conditions.

Currently, hybrid power systems are being developed for the DC-01 Mucha platform. According to the plans, it will allow to extend the duration of the flight to 4 hours. Works will end in June 2018.

Current versions of DC-01 Mucha:

DC-01 Mucha Observator - basic version of the platform, equipped with the observation head

DC-01 Mucha Agro - is a platform equipped with a spray tank. The 5L tank provides the opportunity to spray an area of approximately 1.5 ha in one flight. The DC-01 Mucha can also be equipped with a multi / hyperspectral and thermal camera to quick overview of the crop status or explore the temperature distribution in agricultural area. . The research proved that even though the unmanned capacity at the same time is much smaller than in the case of agricultural aircraft, the DC-01 Mucha is proving to be cheaper, considering the cost of spraying the same area. In practice, only batteries have to be replaced periodically, as a main cost unit. But overall costs are many times smaller than in the case of agricultural aircraft. Moreover, the farmer can completely carry out all the necessary actions, while the use of autonomous unattended operation reduces the contribution of human work. DC-01 Mucha Agro can also be used for other similar tasks that require spraying.


The DC-01 Fly is designed to minimize the risk of accident or loss of control. Redundant autopilot system and mission computer were used. There is also the possibility of using a rescue parachute as well as an airbag to protect the equipment being transported. Another safeguard is FailSafe, activated during the loss of control signals. If the connection is broken, the system activates the flight of the platform to a place previously indicated by the operator. This is usually the starting place.

Technical parameters:

•         Platform weight - 8 kg

•         Platform weight with observation head - 9 kg

•         Maximum payload - 16 kg

•         Flight time - up to 50 minutes with observation head, up to 30 minutes with 5kg load.

•         Optimal speed - 8 m / s

•         Maximum speed - 18 m / s

•         Effective reach, control and vision - 8 km

•         Dimensions: engine wheelbase - 750 mm, propeller diameter - 28 inches, platform height in ready-to-fly condition - 440mm

Technical parameters
Net weight of the platform 8 kg
Mass with observation head 9 kg
Maximum payload 16 kg
Flight time Up to 50 minutes with observation headą
up to 30 minutes witch a load of 5 kg
Optimum speed 8 m/s
Maximum speed 18 m/s
Effective reach, control and vision 8 km
Engine spacing 750
Propeller diameter 28 onches
Platform height 440 mm

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