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ARS observation head with wireless audio / video set

ARS is a complete observation head equipped with a video camera, thermal imager, laser rangefinder and laser target indicator. A wireless module for encrypted transmission is used for image transmission and control. The use of different observation equipment makes it possible to use the head in both the military and civilian sectors.

  • Manual mode, where the operator controls the head through the available software functions;
  • Self-stabilization mode, in which the head provides a stable image, regardless of the orientation of the carrier on which the head is mounted;
  • Tracking of the target, where the aim of the head is to maintain the optical axis of the vision system at a given point irrespective of the direction of the carrier and the movement of the observed object.

The head is designed to be mounted on board both manned and unmanned flying units, and all kinds of masts. Three modes of operation, different data sources, full control of the observation area, tear-tightness of the structure and low head weight make the ARS system suitable for use in many civil and military sectors.

Field of view Automatic andcontrollable compability MIL-STD-810F
azymut 360° - continuous motion MIL-STD-461D
Tilt  +45° (tilt up) Frequency of operation 300/400/700/900 MHz
-180° (tilt down) Audio/video connections 2.4/3.65/5.8 GHz
40°/sec splashtight YES
Operating mode Manual Vibro isolated Based on four insulators
Self-stabilization fixing system ensuring separation from the supporting structure
Tracking object
Equipment Daytime camera with zoom optical x28 + x36 
Power consumption Up to 30 W (fully equipment head unit)
Thermal imaging camera resolution 640x512, 25k1s weight 2.5 + 3.5 kg (depending on the equipment head)
Laserowy dalmierz odległości
Laserowy wskaźnik celu
Range of air type earth
do 30.000 meters (depends on atmospheric conditions)

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