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Lifeguard R1000

platform dedicated to the rescue equipment dropping system and airborne observation (uses a daylight camera and thermal imaging). A characteristic feature of this drone are the curved arms. By using this solution, the center of gravity has been lowered which effectively increases the stability of flight in difficult conditions


The frame structure made of a combination of aluminum and carbon fiber allows excellent rigidity of the platform. The platform is equipped with high power and efficiency, low-speed DC brushless motors. The x8 system was used to obtain more carrying force and increase safety.


A mobile FPV camera controlled by a three-position switch allows the operator to quickly find out in the field and effectively locate the target. The time is a key factor during rescue operations. Thanks to the new solution of the arms connectors, it takes a few dozen seconds to spread the structure and prepare for the flight

Additional equipment:

  • lifeboat dropping system
  • daylight / thermovision observation head

Technical parameters
The platform's own weight 6 kg
Weight with an observation head 7 kg
Maximum payload  2 kg
Flight time up to 25 minutes witch an observation head

up to 20 minutes witch a load of 2 kg
Effective range  4 km
Wheelbase of the engine 1000
The diameter of the propeller 15 in

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