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S-410 Tiguar

S 410 Tiguar is a unmanned aerial vehicle designed for professional use. It is available in several versions:

  • A flying platform for integrators and R & D centers
  • Autonomous flying platform equipped with autopilot system for training centers
  • Fully-featured, unmanned system with redundant autopilot and observation head for decision-making based on air data.

Tiguar is a modular design that provides great flexibility and meets the needs of many applications. During design, the main emphasis was on the rigid parameters, safety and ease of use.

The S-410 Tiguar system is a significant advance of the earlier S-380 Barracuda, which has proven itself in hundreds of missions such as Australia's rescue missions, gas pipeline inspections and railroad traction.


We are an authorized distributor of the French company Delair-Tech producing excellent drones in the layout of the plane dedicated to the geodetic industry, precision agriculture and the observation and monitoring of large areas and linear objects. The DT-18 and DT-26 platforms offer up to 4 hours of flying time, with the range up to  200km. Data transfer during flight is done in real time via satellite or cellular network.

Delair-Tech airplanes have the ability to mount payload with many types of optoelectronic heads - from visible light to near infrared. The manufacturer also provides intuitive software supporting autonomous flights.

Delair-Tech airplanes are used all over the world - from Canada to Africa. They can fly in very difficult conditions and are reliable. By clicking on the manufacturer's logo on the left you will be redirected to his website where you will find detailed information.

We invite you to watch the latest film of Delair-Tech presenting the possibilities of equipment manufactured by it

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